St Astier limestone

Natural Materials in Harmony with Nature

Saint-Astier’s limes are naturally hydraulic and the basic production principle is the same as it has always been to obtain good building limes: limestones burned and slaked.

Sea salt is highly corrosive for mortars containing gypsum. Gypsum is found in most cement mortars, cementitious mixes and some other hydraulic binders.

Saint-Astier natural Hydraulic Limes are totally free of reactive components to sea salt and are therefore suitable for use in marine environments.

St Astier carrier

St Astier carrier


The deposits are extremely pure limestone with silica infiltration.

The mineralogical characteristics of the raw materials, the manufacturing process and the quality controls are such that users are assured of the constant performance of the products.

The silico-calcareous rock of St-Astier gives birth(rise), by an adapted cooking, to all the members of the family of the lime hydraulic natural: NHL 2 – NHL 3,5 – NHL 5