Our expertise

The experience acquired over the years is shared with the user through the assistance available from the Technical Department and from carefully chosen specialist distributors, able to assess the type of lime mortar, plaster or render required.

This is especially important in Conservation and Restoration, where mortars should be project specific in order to ensure their compatibility with existing materials and the fabric of the buildings.

So, if you need information about one of our products or advice regarding its implementation, please contact us through the contact forms.

In new build St.Astier Limes have developed a range of binders and ready mixed mortars combining all the characteristics required by today’s builder in terms of speed of setting, strength, elasticity, plasticity, low capillarity and shrinkage, with the breathability and aesthetic quality of lime mortars.

The result is that these lime mortars are becoming the obvious alternative to cement mortars also in the new build and eco build sectors.

St. Astier natural hydraulic limes (NHL) and lime mortars have been adopted in a number of countries and in the most diverse climatic conditions, from the Arctic circle to the desert, from marine locations to high mountain sites.

They have been and are used on some of the most important world heritage sites, in vernacular and ordinary buildings, in reproducing the characteristics of ancient mortars as well as providing solutions to modern architectural mortar requirements.

The technical expertise at hand will also assist in achieving engineering solutions when an alternative to cement mortars is required.

St. Astier lime mortar and render, for the sake of our buildings and the living habitat.