Million years ago, the sea entirely covered St. Astier’s area (located in France, Aquitaine – West South), 300 meters above the present level. Many sediments were deposited in layers: limestone, sandstone, sand etc….The wonderful alchemy started…

The deposit was located in 1837: a very homogeneous area covers 10 km long, one kilometer wide and 150 meters thick.

And in 1870, a well-known French engineer called Louis Vicat revealed scientifically the natural qualities of the Saint-Astier‘s limestone. A few years later, the industrial process is launched like the production. Around 1914, five big companies produce limes and around 76 0000 t of limestone are cooked to produce lime. In the 20’s, two families decided to join so as to cope with the arrival of cement and also to modernize their production facilities: a good solution to remain on the market !


Today it’s a 127 passionate people firm, producing and distributing lime natural and mortars in 12 countries (3000 sales points). The production is about 100 000 t binders and 20 000 t mortars. Our firm takes care of their customers and distributors so as to propose the best natural lime adapted to the country building model.

Saint-Astier Limes and Mortars, an independent family group wishing to remain so…