NHL Qualities and Performance

Here are some of the reasons why Saint-Astier NHL limes are widely accepted and appreciated:


NO ADDITION of any kind is made to the St. Astier NHL products to enhance their performance.

No need for blending

The St. Astier range permits the builder to select the most suitable product for the work at hand without having to add pozzolans, cement, plasticisers, water retainers, waterproofers etc.
Blending introduces considerable risks of errors, added costs and final short and long term results which are uncertain and therefore hazardous.


The availability of a range of pure binders with different performance characteristics ensures the compatibility of St. Astier NHL mortars with existing mortars whatever their age.

Free lime content (available lime)

Responsible for workability and self-healing in NHL mortars.


Generally binders are bought by weight but mixed by volume, their bulk density therefore determines the volume used. The lower the density the less will be the weight of product used when mixing by volume. The low bulk density of all St. Astier NHL products is such that when comparing with cement, lime putties and some other hydraulic limes, with the same weight of material purchased one can obtain sizeably larger quantity of mortar.

Example: taking the density of NHL 2 at 34 lbs/f3(550 gr/litre) versus lime putty 84 lbs/f3 (1350gr/litre), the density of putty is 145% greater than NHL 2, so at the same volume, NHL 2 will produce more mortar.

Versatility of use

Building and plastering mortars, grouts, injection, concrete, paints are all uses that can be achieved with NHL products.