Lime Process


The Art of Lime Making

Once St Astier limestone is extracted from our carrier, it is burned in traditional way, vertical kilns using only the purest anthracite coal (imported from Wales for its low residual value and low sulphates content).

Hydratation is so efficient that only about 20% of the slaked product has to be miled to reduce particle sizes to 0.09mm maximum. NO addition of any sort is allowed by the Factory and by the French Norms (which are even stricter than the EU/BS459 Standards). No gypsum, air entrainers, water proofers or setting agents of any type.

Totally automated and computer controlled production and a series of checks at all stages, ensures constant performance and reliability of the products. St Astier Limes combine traditional methods with modern production control control and Innovation.The resultant qualities of performance and reliability explain their contiuous popularity since production began 1925.

The making of St Astier Hydraulic Limes & Mortars