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Saint-Astier sales policy in Australia & New Zeland

Our family-owned business of Natural Hydraulic lime in France and all over the world since 1925. We are proud to combine our traditional industrial culture with our innovative approach toward improvement and new product development. All our limes are certificated “Conformity with European Norm EN-459”.

In this website you will find all products selling in live to Australia and New Zealand with their data sheets. If you need more information about a product, a technical advice for your building project small or large, conservation, repair, new built, hemp and lime, our strong technical service support is at your service. Contact the Technical Enquiry Service

And to order please contact us directly at cesa_export_au@c-e-s-a.fr, we’ll answer you asap.
Let’s building together strong relationship, join us…

Saint-Astier Limes : Since 1925, Traditional and Innovative.